Resizing the container memory capacity of an OC application

curl -X POST
     -H "Authorization: Bearer <thy_api_key>" \
     -d '<request_body_json>'<thy_appid>

Request body JSON format

     "memorylimit": "INTEGER",

Request body parameters explained
memorylimit – The new memory configuration of the container. Possible values include: 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 and 4096


This endpoint returns an id value which can be used to poll for the completion of this task.

     "id": "STRING",

You can call the below endpoint and check if the status attribute in the response JSON has the value Completed

curl -X GET
     -H "Authorization: Bearer <thy_api_key>" \<insert_id_here>

The above request will respond with either one of the values Completed, In progress or Failed. See below:

     "status": "STRING", 
     "task": "STRING", 
     "logs": "STRING"