How deploy my Golang app?


Hi, i have app. How deploy my app? I must build binary file or send my source code? Is there an instruction to upload your application to the server?
This error appears when I upload my code to the server


We are looking into this error a the moment. Will update.


Also, you do not have to build the binary before deploying. You must deploy the source directly and the server will build and run the binary on your behalf.

To deploy a Go app, you must do one of the following:

  1. Package your app with godep using godep save.
  2. The app must have the vendor/ directory with one file ending with .go in it.
  3. You can set the GOPACKAGENAME environment variable.
  4. Your app has a glide.yml file in the root folder.
  5. Your app has a Gopkg.toml file.


Let us know if you need ore help deploying the Go App or any other error you encounter.


thx! I started my server! How to save files to / os-app-date. Which path to this directory should I use in golang


The path is actually “/oc-app-data”.

Your files can then be referenced as “/oc-app-data/t1.json” etc…