Get the appid of an OC application you have access to


This endpoint returns the appid of an application given its name. You must have access to this application. That is, you either created it or the owner has granted your account access to the app. You will notice most of the API endpoints expects this appid value.

curl -X GET
     -H "Authorization: Bearer <thy_api_key>" \<name_of_thy_app>

This endpoint will return response that looks like this:

     "ids": ["STRING"]

The ids are returned as an array because you could create an app with name test and another account grants you access to an app with name test as well. This creates a situation where multiple ids must be returned. Your team members should generally refrain from doing this and provide unique names for applications created.

If you want to return only the ids of applications you created and ignore that of team members which might have the same name use the asowner=1 parameter as seen below:

curl -X GET
     -H "Authorization: Bearer <thy_api_key>" \<name_of_thy_app>&asowner=1