Automate new app upon purchase


I’ve developed a php application. I now want to sell it as a SaaS. I need to create individual accounts for each customer who gets their own subdomain or subdirectory with unique login to their app.

All of this needs to be as automated as possible. How to do this with OpsCaptain?

I just want to sell the app and when people purchase it creates their account automatically and sends them the necessary credentials to begin using it.

(I already have the cart and payment processing side of things , just need to connect and get OpsCaptain creating new instances automatically for new users, and then send the new account info to said customer)

(app is php files only, no db necessary)


Interesting. We can provide you a simple API to do this. We have it but just have not documented it yet. Will put together documentation for it over the weekend. Hope this helps.


Looking forward to it!


Hi just checking if you were able to document that API


On it. Expect worst case by Sunday.



Have documented the most relevant API’s under the API category. Should be enough to create, push code to it and then remove the app.